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Wright Respirometer Sales & Repair

We have refurbished Wright Respirometers in stock.
Models on hand vary so please call or email to check current availability.

Refurbished units come with a case, 2 adapters and are covered by a 1 year warranty.

We service and repair all models of Wright Respirometers.
Service work is performed by factory trained personnel.

We also buy used Wright Respirometers.

Digital Wright Respirometer Grace Medical Marketing

Digital Respirometer -
​Product # 60-295  

LCD readout display makes reading tidal volume values easy. 
The vane turbine measuring technique of the original Wright respirometer is the only moving part in this device.

The digital display module eliminates the gears and cams used in the analog Wright. The housing is durable and there is no lens to break.

Refurbished Wright Product Numbers:

Wright Mark 8 Respirometer - # 60-8R  

Wright Mark 14 - # 60-14R

Haloscale Standard - # 60-21R

Haloscale Compact Wright - # 60-02CR

Refurbished RM-121- # 60-121R

Refurbished Mark-20- #60-20R

 SpiroGuard Respirometer Protective Covers 

Minimizes damage caused by impact. One piece 1/4 inch natural rubber covers entire outer body. Allows full view of dial as well as access to on/off and reset buttons

# 2700 SpiroGuard: Fits Wright models Mk-8, Mk-14, Mk-25, Physiological, Haloscale compact.

#2701 SpiroGuard: Fits all Fraser-Harlake models, Ohmeda (3 buttons).

#2702 SpiroGuard: Fits Wright Haloscale Standard, Mk-12, Mk-20. 

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